International Conference on 

Models and Technologies for 

Intelligent Transportation Systems

June 22-23, 2009

Sapienza University of Roma

Faculty of Engineering

Roma, Italy


In the last decades Intelligent Transportation Systems have been stimulating an intense research activity by the scientific community, which produced a large number of models, methods and experimental applications regarding traveler information, management systems, and vehicle control. Most of such models still remained at a theoretical level because the technology required had not yet reached a sufficient maturity to provide effective and economically efficient applications.

In the last years, technological advances progressed very fast and many products and services are now coming onto the market. Those theoretical models can finally be applied and tested on actual implementations and, on the other hand, the large-scale commercialization of industrial products and services can exploit the results of these studies in order to provide stable and effective impacts on the transportation system.

The International Conference on Models and Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems aims at providing an opportunity for scholars engaged in basic or industrial research to meet and to discuss requirements for ITS applications, unsolved problems and future developments.